NO FILTER (2016-2017)

Billy decides to give up social media for good while Harvey dives in head first - but they're not the only teens who are trying to separate who they are from who they are on the internet. And that's a tough thing to do when you can't remember living without it. 

NO FILTER is a lo-fi, DIY collaboration with CROWDED NEST that uses teens' own experience to translate what happens on 2-dimensional screens into a   3-dimensional production about social media right now; the play premiered at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then sold out a run at the Camden People's Theatre in February 2017. 

"Relevant and and absolutely hilarious, but I would laugh and then think... this is actually really scary."

HAPPY GIRL (4 stars, 2015)

What's sexism like for teen girls? It's not about men - it's about girls taking each other down - "so that by the time we're women, dealing with the real sexist shit, we don't trust each other anymore." A feminist collaboration with CROWDED NEST which premiered at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then sold out at Camden People's Theatre's  Calm Down Dear Festival.  

"The girls are that perfect mixture of sass and insecurity... incisive, fast-paced and dynamic." - Broadway Baby

TEENAGE DIRTBAG (5 stars, 2014)

A group of teenagers were asked what they feared the most, right now. They replied first: Exams. Second: Losing someone they loved. Tracy's second collaboration with CROWDED NEST about the teenage "pre-life crisis" premiered at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

"Poignant and funny, this coming of age drama seen through the eyes of a detached sixth former ticks a lot of boxes. Pacy and contemporary, the cast make imaginative use of the limited space with frequent set changes and confident physical performances. A must if you are a teenager, if you live with a teenager - or if you once were a teenager.”  
- Fringe Freak, The List

SYNERGY (4 stars, 2013)

Two ragtag gangs live alternate lives in light and darkness: one talks blindly of theories and perception, the other watches the world in silence and awe. They do not challenge these existences, until one misfit puts a spanner in the works.

"A stylish little play set in an isolated dystopian playground... This is a very refreshing and interesting piece of escapist theatre"  -Broadway Baby