FISSURE (short, pre-production)

Oil and gas engineer Glenn Lockwood is days away from being granted permanent residence in the UK, but when a secret she's been keeping for her company costs her colleague his life, she has to decide whether to keep quiet to stay in the country, or speak up and lose everything. (shooting 2019)

FISSURE title card.jpg

SISSY (feature, production)

Documentary tracing the journey of two sisters across the United States as they spend more time together in 9 days than they have in 9 years. With animation by Nica Harrison.


APPELLATION (short, 2016)

Winner for BEST DIRECTION at Berlin Sci-Fi FilmFest and nominated for the Directing Award at Underwire Film Festival and Best Genre Film at London International  Story First Film Festival,  Appellation has been selected for 13 festivals across the US, UK, Europe,  and Australia.

Ex-government scientist James Rampton's secret research could have deadly consequences when a neighbour reports his suspicious behaviour to the ruthless investigator tasked with finding and terminating "extremists" like himself. 

HOMEOSTASIS (short, 2015)

In a world oppressed by fear and consumerism, a young boy attempts to reclaim the memory of his parents' affection. This film was shot and produced in 48 hours as part of the Sci-Fi London 48hr Film Challenge.